Shungite Elite Noble Donut Pendant

Shungite Elite Noble Donut Pendant


Embrace the synergy of fashion and energy with our Shungite Elite Noble Donut Pendant. 30mm

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Shungite Elite Noble Donut Pendant

Meticulously crafted from the revered Shungite Elite Noble variety, this pendant showcases the stone’s distinct silver shimmer. Suspended from a delicate chain, the donut-shaped pendant adds a touch of elegance to your attire while embracing the protective potential of Shungite. Shungite Elite Noble is believed to amplify the stone’s innate properties, making this pendant not only a fashion statement but also an energetic one. Wear it close to your heart to benefit from its shielding and balancing attributes, while elevating your style with its captivating beauty. Embrace the synergy of fashion and energy with our Shungite Elite Noble Donut Pendant – a unique piece that resonates with both aesthetics and well-being.

Crystal Meaning:
Shungite is spiritually believed to aid in the purification of the mind, the body, and the spirit. It is believed to help cleanse and heal your mind, your body, and your spirit helping you feel emotionally more stable. Shungite is spiritually believed to have many holistic health benefits and it is believed to spiritually work against bacteria acting as an antioxidant and as a cleanser when in contact with your skin. Shungite is spiritually believed to help shield you from electromagnetic field emissions. It is believed to neutralize EMF radiation purifying your atmosphere and protecting you from EMF radiation. Shungite is believed to improve your life on an environmental level, as well as an emotional and physical level. It is spiritually recommended that Shungite be placed in every room of your home for EMF protection and purification of your space.

All our crystals are ethically sourced, with no child labour and all fair wages paid in fact all companies we work with are large family-owned and run businesses that employ all adult immediate and extended family members. We work directly with manufacturing facilities around the world, having full control over the complete supply chain from the mining to the actual finished goods ensuring the best quality and price from nature to your home.

Crystals are a unique product gifted to us by Mother Nature so the colours, shapes, and sizes will vary. We handpick the most beautiful products for your order to ensure your satisfaction. The crystals pictured are for illustration purposes and natural crystals may vary from images.

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6mm, 8mm

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