Sage Spray Cleansing Kit


The cleansing kit comes with Sage and Palo Room Sprays, Selenite and Abalone Shell.

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Sage Spray Cleansing Kit

This cleansing kit comes with Palo Santo Room Spray and Sage Room Spray, Selenite Stick and Abalone Shell.
Abalone Shell
The perfect way to introduce it into your home as a part of your cleansing ritual. The purpose of Abalone shells is to introduce the water element into your cleansing.
The four elements are:
Water = Abalone shell,
Fire = Palo Santo,
Earth = Selenite crystal and
Air = sage smell into the air.
Palo Santo
Cleanses personal negativity and invites positivity.
Palo Santo is spiritually believed to cleanse personal negative energy away and invite positive energy. This is an anciently practised tradition and ritual that believes that if you have family members that are stressed out carrying negative thoughts and or are feeling down or there is tension or conflict in your home or work, Palo Santo can help get rid of that negative energy and invites positive energy and thoughts. Palo Santo translated as “Holy wood”.
Our White Sage is 100% pure white Sage with no other fillers, they are 100% Australian grown on Aussie soil. They are organically grown with no pesticides and sustainably harvested ensuring this beautiful plant does not become extinct. We are proud to support Australian farmers along with supplying our customers with 100% Pure Sage. It’s important to be aware that any imported Sage must be fumigated by Australian law in order to be allowed to enter our country. Fumigation is a toxic chemical that is designed to kill any bugs or harmful micro pests on the plant that may enter our country. Fumigation is a poison, which imported Sage is laced with. So when you are burning imported sage you also may be releasing the toxic fumes of poison from the fumigation process into your home.
Selenite Stick
Selenite is spiritually believed to strengthen your ability to connect with the spiritual world. It aids in meditation and enhances telepathy, reconnecting you to the higher power and helping with your spiritual growth. It’s believed to help give you strength in making difficult decisions. It’s believed to help instil deep peace which is essential for a good night’s sleep. Selenite can be used as a spiritual protective grid by placing it around the corners of your home ensuring deep peace and harmony and preventing external influences from entering your home or mind. Selenite is commonly used to cleanse crystals helping renew and regenerate their spiritual energy.

All our crystals are ethically sourced, with no child labour and all fair wages paid in fact all companies we work with are large family-owned and run businesses that employ all adult immediate and extended family members. We work directly with manufacturing facilities around the world, having full control over the complete supply chain from the mining to the actual finished goods ensuring the best quality and price from nature to your home.

Crystals are a unique product gifted to us by mother nature so the colours, shapes and sizes will vary. We handpick the most beautiful products for your order to ensure your satisfaction. Crystals pictured are for illustration purposes and natural crystals may vary from images.

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