A white plastic knife, also known as a Selenite Sword, sitting on a white surface.

Selenite Sword


Selenite Sword

To strengthen your ability to connect with the spiritual world.

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Selenite Sword

Selenite swords are spiritually used to cleanse your space, they promote spiritual growth and serenity. Selenite has a strong spiritual connection helping guide you with spiritual growth rapidly. Selenite has a very high vibrational energy which can be used to recharge your crystals and increase their vibrations and energy. With a strong connection with the Angelic realms, this spiritually pure crystal is named after the Greek goddess of the moon Selene.
How to use a Selenite sword & cut the cord between you and the negative energy of a person you no longer want in your life.
Selenite swords are commonly used in spiritual practice to cleanse your own personal space.
Selenite belongs to the Crown Chakra and the Third eye chakra.
1. Therefore hold the sword close to those 2 chakra points strengthening your connection with that energy
2. Close your eyes and state your intention regarding that unwanted energy in your life and your intention for it to leave you
3. Now imagine yourself actually pulling that energy out of your body with your hands and holding it in front of you
4. Use the selenite crystal sword to cut that energy cord
5. Then state your intention not to allow that external energy/influence to enter your home, your mind or your body.
6. State your intention to replace that energy with what you want to enter your life. State your intentions re-moving forward with the aide of selenite and all that it stands for: guidance, serenity, positivity, deep peace, harmony.
Crystal Meaning:

Selenite is spiritually believed to strengthen your ability to connect with the spiritual world. It aids in meditation and enhances telepathy, reconnecting you to the higher power and helping with your spiritual growth. It’s believed to help give you strength in making a difficult decision. It’s believed to help instil deep peace which is essential for a good night’s sleep. Selenite can be used as a spiritual protective grid by placing it around the corners of your home ensuring deep peace and harmony and preventing external influences from entering your home or mind. Selenite is commonly used to cleanse crystals helping renew and regenerate their spiritual energy.

All our crystals are ethically sourced, with no child labour and all fair wages paid in fact all companies we work with are large family-owned and run businesses that employ all adult immediate and extended family members. We work directly with the manufacturing facilities around the world, having full control over the complete supply chain from the mining to the actual finished goods ensuring the best quality and price from nature to your home.

Crystals are a unique product gifted to us by mother nature so the colours, shapes and sizes will vary. We handpick the most beautiful products for your order to ensure your satisfaction. Crystals pictured are for illustration purposes and natural crystals may vary from images.

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