Jade Tumbled Crystal Good Luck Healing Kit


JadeTumbled Crystal Good Luck Healing Kit

Kit includes raw crystals of mahogany obsidian, clear quartz, citrine, blue calcite and lemon jade.

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Jade Tumbled Crystal Good Luck Healing Kit

Jade – Good Luck tumbled crystal healing kit includes:

Tumbled Mahogany Obsidian Crystal. Mahogany is spiritually believed to revive hope helping you get back up when you have been knocked down. It is believed to give you the willpower and the energy to restart and pick back up where you left off. If spiritually helps guide into taking a new direction in life with a positive and confident attitude despite previous despair. It is believed to help you have no regrets and just move forward, accepting the challenges and overcoming them.
Tumbled Clear Quartz Crystal. Spiritually Clear Quartz is referred to as a Master Healer. It is one of the most powerful healing crystals. It can open up your mind, heart and soul to a higher level of guidance. At a mental level, it may aid in concentration and unlock memory. This stone helps balance the Chakras, acts as a deep soul cleanser and balances your aura.
Tumbled Citrine Crystal. Citrine is spiritually believed to teach you how to manifest and attract wealth. It is the perfect stone for success, prosperity, abundance and attracting anything that is good for you. It’s believed to be a wealth generator. It’s believed to help develop a positive attitude, promoting joy. Perfect placement of citrine is anywhere you want to grow wealth, personal or business.
Tumbled Blue Calcite Crystal. Blue calcite is spiritually believed to be a dream stimulator, helping you dream meaningfully and helping you remember your special drams. Blue Calcite spiritually connects you to calm and universal energy. It is believed this crystal’s energy is magnified when used with meditation, dream work or metaphysical things like plants, giving you the spiritual energy to do things your mind never believed you would ever do.
Tumbled Lemon Jade Crystal. Lemon Jade is spiritually believed to provide emotional, physical and spiritual stability. It’s spiritually believed to help you be more personally stable and independent in your own life. It’s also believed to help bring stability to your personal relationships. It’s believed to help you become more independent and stand up on your own two feet while feeling emotionally stable.

Crystals are a unique product gifted to us by mother nature so the colours, shapes and sizes will vary. We handpick the most beautiful product for your order to ensure your satisfaction. All our crystals are ethically sourced.


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