Solar Plexus

Solar Plexus Chakra Essential Oil Blend

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Solar Plexus Essential Oil Blend

I am Empowered – Tigers Eye – Solar Plexus Essential Oil Blend

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Solar Plexus Essential Oil Blend

Solar Plexus – Solar Plexus Essential Oil
I am Empowered – Tigers Eye
Chakra Essential oil blends are made with 100% Pure Essential oils and contain the related crystal to help balance our Chakra from Crown (head) to Root (toe). Inhale the benefits of aromatherapy oils and spiritually connect with the crystal correlating to your charka of choice. Preform each crystal chakra balance individually, you may do more than one per day or you may choose to balance your entire chakra at once one after the other.

Aromatherapy and Pure Essential oils for many years have been used natural healing, rituals and perfumery.

By infusing Aurora Belle 100% Pure Essential Oils into the air you breathe can help bring balance and harmony to your home, mind, body and your spiritual self.
Aurora Belle 100 % Pure Essential oils as per the name state 100% pure and natural.
They are developed by a professional aromatherapist perfect to help improve and soothe the air you breathe.

Relax with every breathes you take.

How to use :

Use daily on your skin to spiritually infuse the healing powers of crystals into your skin. For the spiritual connection repeat your intention “I AM AT PEACE” several times while rolling on your Crown chakra area.  The energy of the crystals helps you become more spiritually connected.
Roll on to your pulse points like your wrists and behind your ears to inhale the therapeutic benefits of 100% Pure Essential Oils to help relax your mind and your body.
Crystal infused Aurora Belle Essential oils diffused into the air via a vaporizer helps spiritually infuse the positive energy of its related crystal into the air you breathe. The spiritual energy of the crystal-infused into your environment helps soothe your body, mind and spirit. Inhale the positive energy of your desired crystal and exhale and release the energy you no longer want a part of you and your life.
Crystal Meaning

Tigers eye is like having the eye of the tiger on your side. It is believed to encourage inner strength and motivation to succeed, renewing a sense of confidence.
Great for kids at school or Adults everyday tasks. Tigers eye is believed to balance the Yin & Yang and helps bring balance and confidence to your emotions and improves your mood.
It’s spiritually great for mental stability and motivation to succeed.

Australian owned and made | With a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oil  |  Natural Crystals Ethically sourced from mother nature

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